Jean Bryant

Clerk and Music Leader

Jean Bryant

Jean Bryant has been a Christian for 58 years and has been attending Cavern Baptist Church since October of 2009. 

Jean serves as Cavern’s music leader, preparing music for all the services.  She also is a major player in our free garage sales.  She organizes donations, does the setting up, and is always there for the event of course.  She loves the blessings she gets when people come and are able to get things they need.  Cavern provides Bibles during these garage sales for anyone wanting or needing one, and that is another blessing to Jean. 

When she felt led to Cavern, Jean found they needed someone to fill in as music leader “for a month.”  She was available and volunteered.  That was 2½ years ago.  She still fills that position quite ably today. 

Of course, Jean is a willing and compassionate helper with Vacation Bible School, with meals that need to be planned and served, and she is an outstanding “prayer warrior.”

In Jean’s eyes, Cavern Baptist Church is a very loving church with a big heart.  In our eyes, Jean Bryant has the big heart and shows her love for our Lord through her service to Him.