Women's Sunday School

Teacher: Pam Durr

Pam Durr has been attending Cavern Baptist Church for over 10 years and has been a Christian for 47 years. With joy in her heart, she shows her love for Jesus to everyone around her. 

Pam taught the Friendship Class for Special Needs individuals for several years because she has a special needs brother-in-law that is the light of their family’s life and she adores the hearts of these very unique people.  God has beautifully equipped Pam with that mindset to be the caring, compassionate teacher our wonderfully innocent souls responded to.   

God has recently blessed Pam with the desire to be a Teacher of the Word in other areas, and she founded the Ladies Bible Study at Cavern Baptist Church to hone her skills at God's beckoning.   Because of her skill in these areas, Pam teaches the Women's Sunday School class.

Favorite Cavern Baptist Church memories, for Pam, are of specially challenged souls “When they come out of the waters of baptism.  They grin from ear to ear, and they are so full of joy!!!” 

Cavern Baptist Church is blessed to have Pam and her Christian talents, faith, and values serving the Lord in our midst.