Presch - Kinder

Teacher: Marilla Denny

Marilla Denny has been a Christian most of her life and has been attending Cavern Baptist Church since she was 1 (one) week old.  She has come and gone some over the years, she says—but she has mostly attended here at Cavern.  She relates that the church has had it ‘ups and downs’ and came close to having to close its’ doors a couple of times, BUT “God is good and we keep serving Him the best we can.” 

Her ‘best we can’ includes being Treasurer, Trustee, and Sunday School Teacher (she teaches the pre-schoolers).  She is also the mail girl, which she picks up, distributes, and takes care of.  As Treasurer, she writes checks, prepares bank statements and reports for the business meetings as well as other documents needed.  Marilla is the one that prepares the bulletins for Sunday services each week.  Also included in her duties is overseeing employees or contract workers, preparing annual church reports for the PVBA (Pecos Valley Baptist Association) and for the Baptist Convention. 

Without doubt, Marilla Denny is a blessing to Cavern Baptist Church in her devotion to filling needed positions with a smile and a joyful spirit.